Harvard Novelists

In the past seven years, four standout members of the Harvard women’s squash team have published novels. 

Jordanna Fraiberg ’94 has written one young adult novel and a second one is coming out this spring. Fraiberg twice won the national intercollegiate title and played professionally after college (though not enough to earn a world ranking). 

Galt Niederhoffer ’97 has written two novels and a third is coming out next year. Niederhoffer, the daughter of squash legend Victor, is also a filmmaker and turned one of her own novels into a film starring Katie Holmes. She was good enough to play in the heart of the ladder when Harvard was winning the national team championship. 

Ivy Pochoda ’98 has written one novel and a second one is coming out in July. She won one national intercollegiate title and went on to reach 38 in the world. 

And now Louisa Hall ’04 has her first novel out. Hall won three national junior titles, played #1 at Harvard for four years and reached 60 in the world. Last Sunday I reviewed her novel for the Boston Globe: http://www.boston.com/arts/books/2013/03/09/book-review-the-carriage-house-lo…

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