Good and Bad Fortune

A tough stretch here. First last week we heard about the tragic death of Michael Rothenberg at the age of forty-seven. Michael had been a key leader of squash in New York in the nineties and cared deeply about changing the game for the better.


Then, the news about Bob Callahan. On Sunday the 19th of February, he made his historic breakthrough and after so many close calls he finally beat Trinity and won the national championship. It was his third title in his thirty-one years at Princeton, and his first since 1993. He and I talked for an hour in the middle of the week, and he seemed tired but that made sense after al the euphoria and emotions after their win.

The following Sunday the 26th he was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain. Today he had surgery at Sloan Kettering. He’ll hopefully be home by Friday and will soon begin rounds of radiation and chemotherapy.