The men at Trinity win its fourteenth title with a 6-3 win over Harvard in the finals of the national intercollegiates, but it’s first one in almost exactly twenty-four months. Pretty amazing. Coach Assaiante always said that the hardest thing would be to lose the title and then come back and win it again. And this year, they did it with depth, not big guns at the top. Right now there’s some banging on a sign just off an exit off Interstate 84. Nice to see that again. 



Not Guaranteed

Doing a piece about the exciting new Harrow Vintage racquet, which is meant to replicate the late 1980s bats in weight and size, thus slowing down hardball singles enough to make it a wonderful game again. Dave Rosen of Harrow asked me about the inscription the old bats had along the shaft. I pulled out a half dozen from one of the chests I have stuffed full and here is what they said:

Competition SX2 and the Sharif Khan O.S. Slanzeger: “Due to the nature of the game squash racquets cannot be guaranteed against breakage”

Bancroft Pro 70 and the Bancroft Racquet King: “Squash Rackets Not Guaranteed.”

Snauwaert Composite 1500: “Due to the nature of the game of squash equipment cannot be guaranteed”

Manta 300: “Due to the nature of the game can not be guaranteed”