Private Courts

For decades people have been building squash courts at their homes. Victor Niederhoffer put one in at his estate in Weston, CT. A year and a half ago I reported here about my visit to the Gould’s icehouse court in the Catskills, built in 1981. Gordie Anderson is the mastermind behind most private courts these days: in the past quarter century, he has built about a hundred private courts, mostly singles courts but he’s done doubles courts, including one in Barbados.

The Wall Street Journal just ran an article about some of the new facilities people put in their homes: lacrosse fields, basketball courts, bowling alleys. Sam Oh put in a stunning squash court at his home in Greenwich, CT, perhaps one of the most architecturally interesting squash buildings in the world.

And another thought: Look for eleven year-old Penelope Oh to improve her ranking last season of sixty-six in the country