Casino Squash

Jeremy Stone, under his pen name Graham Tempest, has penned a second Oliver Steel thriller, Casino Excelsior. I just finished it, and it is another rollicking good run through some very hilarious and scary scenes.

In my Squash Magazine review, I criticized Stone for not including a sniff of squash in Casino Caribbean. This time we have a wealth of reference to the game. Steel, it turns out, earned a blue for squash at Oxford. Grant Pinnington has a cameo—old Boggy, the erstwhile Australian who ruled California squash, off-court at least, and made it to the finals of the 1999 S.L. Green one year… 

And most of all, some of the venerable kingpins of SoCal squash, specifically at the old South Bay Squash Club in Torrance, make an appearance: Alan Fox, Sandy Clark, Greg Stiles and Alec Anderson. Very nice nod. 

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