Listen: the Open Is Back

In the midst of the ten-day marathon that is the United States Open. Right now in the second of the four-day hump in the middle of tournament in which there are sixteen matches a day. Last night we worked until three am.

Here at Drexel it is bigger than ever. More seats behind the front wall, my favorite spot. More fans, more stylish swag, more fun. Last night people were taking photos of themselves with the men’s and women’s trophies—what other major tournament allows you to do that?

It is in between matches right now and the time-lapse video of the glass court being put up is playing on the giant video screens above the court while our sons’ favorite songs play on the sound system. (I lost count on how many video screens there are here in the basketball arena.)

When the matches start again, I am hooked in: watching matches from both courts on my computer, getting tweets on my phone and listening: one of the great advantages of this year is the little official U.S. Open radio receiver, selling for $10, that enables you to listen to the SquashTV commentators. It is like bringing a radio to a baseball game so you can have the dulcet sounds of Vin Scully describing the action you are watching. Instead of Scully, you get Joey Barrington & Paul Johnson giving insights, cracking jokes and giving each other plenty of stick.