Earliest College Footage

I just got a link from a college classmate of some footage from 1934 put together by Dartmouth College. Without sound, it features a number of well-known personalities at Dartmouth in that era, including football coach Red Blaik who had just arrived on campus, Jose Orozco working on his murals and Dick Remsen ’12 (father of the 1952 national doubles champion) cross-country skiing at Winter Carnival.

Around the 6:40 mark, there are shots of “the popular new recreational game” of squash. Evidently, the squash courts at Dartmouth were built earlier than we thought. (The first official coach was Tom Dent in 1937-38, when the team went 6-4.) Here we have C.L. Gilligan, the Dartmouth tennis coach, serving as “squash coach.” Wearing all-white, Gilligan has an old Indian symbol on his shirt and nicely pulled-up shorts.