Rule 13.1.3

The greatest unknown squash publication in North America has just published its final hardcopy issue this week. It was started in 1993. It had great artwork, very insightful articles, a regular and rich debate between two leading squash figures and an unparalleled humor section. Every insider read it. Subscriptions were free and people in seventeen countries got them. It’s nickname was TSO. Still guessing? 

The Squash Official has been a fantastic, if completely below the radar screen publication for fifteen years. It has been the brainchild of Barry Faguy, the veteran Canadian squash referee. With a simple 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 page, stapled, sixteen page pamphlet format, it has always been well-designed, boasting call-outs, sidebars and other design accoutrement. It will still appear three times a year, but now just electronically.

The content of TSO has been extremely useful. There is nothing more unintelligible to the average player or spectator than the implementation and enforcement of the rules of the game. Parsing the esoteric—follow-through contact, self-inflicted injury, the 3/4 front wall convention, foot-faults (my personal pet peeve)—has been the key job of TSO. One fine feature has been the middle-page spread in which Rod Symington and Graham Waters are given the same situations and asked to adjudicate. Although their answers are often similar, their differences are telling and it is wonderful to see when they disagree.

The best thing about TSO, though, was its back-page humor section “Officially Speaking” which repeated comments and conversation between players and referees. Not surprisingly, our own maestro of the mouth, the gadfly with the gift of the complaining gab, the Comox comet Jonathon Power appeared more than any other player. Here is my favorite beaut from the October 2003: “During the Jonathon Power/Viktor Berg match [at the 2003 Canadian nationals], Berg is arguing with the referee Zal Davar. As the discussion goes on, Power says to Berg: “I’m not the one arguing the call, but if you want some help, I’m better at it.”

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  1. Guy Cipriano Says:
    Wow- I thought I’d heard of them all, but that’s a new one to me! Maybe Sconzo, McGoo or Dinny know about it- I”ve never heard of it or seen it in 30 plus years in the game! Funny line by Power, though!

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