Dig That Endowed Chair

After months of waiting, I get to report the news that Digger Donahue has officially endowed the squash coaching job at Dartmouth. This is tremendous for the College (first women’s position to be endowed), for collegiate squash (the best guess is that about eight or nine programs have endowed positions) and for Dartmouth squash.

Everyone is thrilled. When we revived the Friends of Dartmouth Squash a year and a half ago, one far-off dream was maybe, someday, perhaps we’d get started on endowing the coaching position. Instead, Digger made it happen right away.

The Digger Donahue 1973 Head Coach of Men’s and Women’s Squash. It sounds pretty good. One thing for sure, no one else in collegiate squash but Hansi Wiens can call himself the official Digger.

Digger Donahue and I are pretty much the same: both history majors at Dartmouth, in Psi U and a captain of the team. But unless each of you go out and buy a thousand copies of each of my books, I won’t be endowing any squash jobs for a while. 


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