The J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions just wrapped up an hour ago. Whew. It is the fifteenth in a row that I have covered (there are about a dozen people who can say that, I am guessing, and probably a couple of security people) and it was as good as it always has been. I enjoyed all the reunioning with friends in the midway on the other side of Vanderbilt Hall and the gossip with players and colleagues underneath the bleachers behind the court. (I got beaned a couple of times there as Kieran, Natalie Grinham’s son was swatting a ball, with his aunt Rachael chasing after him while his mother played.)

Typically stunning matches, most of all tonight. 10-10 in the third and Greg Gaultier just couldn’t push it over the line and then a collapse once they had that epic point at 5-2 in the fourth (he won just two more points in the match). 

Best media hits:…!/on-air/as-seen-on/A-Look-at-the-J-P–Morga…


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  1. Let’s hope that the TOC continues for a long time and that it is very successful. It is the biggest tournament on the biggest stage in the world. Great that Ramy won. Such an entertaining and creative player. I hope that someday the SDAProTour gets a glass demountable doubles court fabricated to permit competition in GCT or other similar venues. That will push hardball doubles to the top of the heap. Once people get a look at the hardball doubles game , everything else will look pale by comparison. Let’s hope.

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