Halls of Fame

America has always been obsessed with honoring past athletes and its sports histories. The oldest major sports hall of fame in the world is baseball’s (started in 1936 and its first building opened in Cooperstown, NY three years later). While cricket, football and rugby only started their halls of fame in the past fifteen years, various U.S. sports have had halls for many decades (ice hockey 1943, tennis 1954, basketball 1959, American football 1963 and golf 1974). 

With squash, it is also the same. There are halls of fame around the world. Australia started its in 2005; New Zealand in 2009. The World Squash Federation opened one in 1993. Squash Ontario started in 2005—it is located at Niagara on the Lake. 

But the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame & Museum, the oldest and most vibrant tangible squash hall of fame in the world, is going strong with fifty-one inductees so far since our founding in 2000. 

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