Wimbledon Socks

Last month we went to The Championships as they are called. It was quite an experience, as you’d expect. The one thing I noticed is that many of the players socks come up fairly high on their ankles. We were watching Lukas Rosol on a side-court in his first-round match. This was the one before he knocked out Nadal and the only reason we stoppe was that we saw that his socks came up exactly to a spot right below where his massive Maori-inspired tattoo on his left calf was. 

Have you noticed that many of us amateurs are wearing their socks very very low? In golf, tennis, lawn-mowing? Even indoors, in squash, when no one is working on a tan, many guys have socks that barely get above their sneakers. Some are officially “no-show” socks. Twenty or thirty years ago, a low sock would have been a sight seen only on women’s ankles, and we had these high tube socks.

Wonder what turned the tide, as it were, on the socks? 

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  1. I actually take credit for that! Back in 1972, on Long Island, we all wore tube sox (I hated them!), but my family’s dryer had broken. I was going to tennis practice, and had to grab a pair of my sister’s low socks instead of my smelly used ones. (I mean smelly beyond human!) I was cooler, I got a better tan, and I made the decision that I would always wear them. I still do, 40 years later.Greg Burton

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